Sensoric system for environmental parameters monitoring

On-line monitoring system for monitoring the temperature change of the road predictive determine the possibility of icing in winter. Bundled with the thermometers 11, The first 6 are located approximately 2 to 3 cm below the surface of the asphalt - the horizontal. Next 5 are placed to the ground, 10-100 cm below the surface - the vertical direction.

p Zodpovedný: Ing. Juraj Ďuďák, PhD.

pySimEd - universal framework for visual programming

pySimEd is an universal open-source environment pySimEd for creating simulation diagrams and models. Environment is created in the popular Python scripting language with support for open source libraries wxPython for graphics and graphic components, SciPy for numerical methods and matplotlib for results visualization.

p Zodpovedný: RNDr. Peter Fabo, PhD.