ITMS project

The Research Centre of the University of Žilina establishment is directly linked to assigned research grant in frame of Ministry of education notice, science, research and the SR sport for establishing university scientific parks and research centres. PROJECT TITLE Research Centre of the University of Žilina

Project name
Research center of The University of Žilina
Project number
Project goal
The Research Centre establishment and improvement of the university infrastructure in order to increase the competitiveness of Slovakia by transferring research outcomes and innovations into praxis.
The University of Žilina in Žilina
Transportation Research Institute
Operational programme
Research and development
Co-financed by
European Regional Development Fund
Priority axis
2 Support of research and development
2.2 Transfer of knowledge and technologies gained from research and development into practice

ITMS projekt v číslach:

itms 1

ITMS project in numbers

25.760.494,64 EUR

Total authorised project costs

24 340 233,38 EUR

Non-repayable grant from ERDF + SR

1.420.260,73 EUR

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Project timeframe