ITMS 313012Q673


Project title:
Development of a telemetric system for remote measurement of energy consumption in railway transport as part of the innovative expansion of IPESOFT spol. s r.o.

Project designation in ITMS2014+:

Intermediate institution:
Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic

Operational program:
311000 – Operational program integrated infrastructure.

Priority axis:
313010 – Support of research, development and innovations (ex Po1 OPVaI)

313010051 – 1.2.2 Growth of R&D and innovation capacities in industry and services

Project description
The aim of the project is to develop a universal telemetry system with a flexible design that would allow installation on HDVs of different manufacturers, different type series and upgrade levels. Moreover, the flexibility of the system should allow installation on both electric and diesel HDVs, which is a prerequisite for the creation of a functional centralised system for energy management of rail transport.
To achieve the main objective of the project, three main activities will be implemented:

  1. Industrial research, where the "optimal HW assembly" of the HDV electro/diesel telemetry measurement system will be designed based on the verification of the mutual compatibility of the measuring devices.
  2. Experimental development, the output of which will be a prototype of a certified telemetric measurement system.
  3. Implementation of the innovation part, the task of which will be the introduction of the developed product of the telemetric measurement system into production practice.
    The elemetric system will consist of a set of measuring, communication and control equipment and is intended for installation on HDVs. It will provide for the collection, pre-processing and storage of operational data from the locomotive and secure two-way data transfer between the locomotive and the central system (REMS). In particular, data on traction or non-traction energy consumption during HDV operation, position on the track, speed, driving mode and other locomotive operating parameters. The system will include an on-board display that will inform the driver of energy consumption and provide recommendations for efficient driving. The recommendations will be generated by the central system taking into account a wide range of information on the driving mode, the planned schedule and the overall traffic situation. In addition, the on-board display will be equipped with touch-sensitive buttons and will provide for the collection of additional data input by the driver.
    The uniqueness of the proposed solution therefore lies in the possibility to build a complex system for energy management of the railway company, which will include all types of traction energy (both electricity and diesel) and which will unify data collection from locomotives of different manufacturers and different type series. The proposed solution is also unique in terms of the complexity of the information provided, as it allows monitoring and managing energy consumption in relation to other supporting information evaluated by the system, such as locomotive position on the line, running mode, planned timetable, train weight and composition, number of wagons, etc.
    The project will allow the interaction of the already developed software with the new hardware, which will represent a completely new innovative aspect for the customer, who will get a comprehensive product in the form of a measuring system with full integration to the available software solution. It will increase the user comfort for the customer, but at the same time the above solution represents a high increase in added value for the company IPESOFT spol. s.r.o. itself by actively entering the segment of manufacturers of technological equipment for the railway industry. From the customer's point of view, the added value will also be reflected in the amount of savings, which may amount to approx. 5 - 15 % of fuel and energy costs for railway carriers, which means that the product payback period is approximately 2-3 years. Another benefit is the socio-environmental added value, which will be reflected in the reduction of fuel consumption and the amount of emissions released into the air.

Name and residency of the receiver
IPESOFT spol. s r.o., Bytčická 2, 01001 Žilina

Unviersity of Žilina

Execution period:
04/2020 – 04/2022

Non-refundable grant:
798 828.38 EUR

Non-refundable grant for UNIZA:
121 912.65 EUR

The place of project implementation within the eligible territory of the Operational program:

„Information about Integrated infrastructure operational program 2014 – 2020 can be found on“