Department of Sensor Systems

The Department of Sensor Systems is involved in designing, verifying, and integrating sensors as a core element in many areas, such as IoT and IIOT solutions and use in Industry 4.0 applications.


Doc. Ing. Gabriel Gašpar, PhD.

Doc. Ing. Juraj Ďuďák, PhD.

prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Peter Husár

Ing. Lenka Mikulová, PhD.

Ing. Martin Skovajsa

Ing. Lukáš Ďuriš

Ing. Roman Budjač

Research activities

Almost all the modern devices use sensors to some extent, without which they would not be able to provide the activity for which they were designed. This applies to devices ranging from the smallest in wearable electronics and medical solutions through the consumer area to applications in industrial deployments. Each area has specific characteristics that need to be considered in the solution design process.

The Department has experience in solutions in several of these areas, that are mainly concerned with:

• Medical applications of sensor systems use sensors to acquire and process data from the human body or its surroundings. These applications are widely used in the healthcare sector. They help monitor, diagnose, and manage health conditions, making it possible to obtain the real-time information, enabling better patient care, and allowing patients to monitor their health from the comfort of their homes.

• Industrial applications of sensor systems include using sensors in various industries for data collection, process monitoring, and equipment control. Sensors can measure various physical quantities, such as temperature, pressure, humidity, vibration, or chemical composition. Those systems are often integrated into automated processes, increasing the production efficiency, accuracy, and safety. With the help of sensors, it is possible to identify problems, predict failures, and optimize the operation of industrial equipment. Such applications contribute to improving overall performance and efficiency in industries.

• Implementation of embedded sensor systems with smart technologies, such as microcontrollers and communication interfaces. Microcontrollers in sensor systems are used to control and process data from various sensors. They allow the data to be processed and analyzed at the point where it is acquired. They increase the efficiency, speed, and accuracy of sensor systems. By choosing the appropriate communication interface, one can integrate the solution into various network infrastructures, such as IEEE 802.11 standard, Bluetooth, LoRa and others.