Laboratory for Chemical Analysis and Preparation of Materials

Head of laboratory: Ing. Daniel Kajánek, PhD.

Room: VC 1.20

The laboratory is aimed for chemical analysis of trace elements in liquid and solid samples. The laboratory is also equipped with a set of devices for metallography preparation of metallic materials to study their microstructure.

For chemical composition evaluation, including the content of trace elements, the laboratory is equipped with an Optical Emission Spectroscope with Induction Coupled Plasma ICAP 7600 DUO together with a decomposition system for preparation of organic and inorganic samples CEM MARS 6. The laboratory is also equipped with a device for making the ultra-pure acids BSB 939 IRwhich are required for trace element analyses.

For metallography preparation, the laboratory is equipped with metallography cutting device Presi Mecatome T215, hot molding device Presi Mecapress 3 and an automated grinder/polisher Presi Mecatec 250 SPC.

Mecapress 3

Mecatech 250 SPC