Laboratory for Measuring Heat Exchangers

Head of laboratory: Ing. Peter Hrabovský, PhD.

Room: VC 1.16

The laboratory is aimed for evaluation of heat exchangers’ operational properties.

For measurement of the component ratio within the two-phase and three-phase systems (water – bubbles, water – steam, water – solid particles, water – oil, water – air – oil) during the fluid mixing or for crystallization measurements, the laboratory is equipped with an Electrical resistance tomograph v5r/P2+.

For evaluation of size and quantity of the solid particles created during the fuel burning, the laboratory is equipped with a NanoScan SPMS Nanoparticle Sizer 3910, which enables to analyze the particle size distribution up to 10 nanometers.

The laboratory is also equipped with a portable multi-functional ultrasonic flow meter FLUXUS F601 for mass and volume flow analysis and with a submersible cooler Julabo FT902 for cooling of connections to heat exchangers or rapid fluid cooling.