Mobile Laboratory of Road Parameters Evaluation

Head of laboratory: Ing. Lukáš Ďuriš

The laboratory is equipped with a group of mobile testing devices for evaluation of road parameters.

Two generations of Roaddoctor survey van and New Roaddoctor survey van vehicles are equipped with systems for videography recording, connected to the GPS data for monitoring of road surface damage. Both vehicles are also equipped with a georadar, which provides information about layer thickness and possible structural anomalies. The last piece of the vehicle equipment is a laser scanner for scanning and mapping of roads. In combination with a 3d accelerometer it enables to study the road unevenness.

GSSI PaveScan RDM 2.0 is a device for evaluation of a tarmac density. It is ideal for identification of discontinuities, which are created during the tarmac deposition process. It can also identify the density deviation within the underlayer as a result of insufficient hardening. With use of this device it is possible to predict and prevent undesired road damage during the operation.

GSSI BridgeScan is a georadar device for bridge inspection, an effective tool for rapid quality evaluation of old bridge constructions, parking garages, balconies or other concrete structures. The system gives the possibility to evaluate the concrete thickness on new constructions, as well.

Deflectometer FWD KUAB 50 is used for the road loading simulations by impact of a balance. The device is designed for the load capacity evaluation of tarmac roads by an impact test. The road deformations are measured with use of a circular flange, which is in contact with the road surface.

Lidaretto is a mobile 3D scanning system based on a principle of Point Cloud Scanning for model creation. The device can be carried by car or a drone for scanning in inaccessible terrains.